Optional Accessories

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Optional Accessories

SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material storage buildings combine the time-saving and cost-reducing advantages of a pre-fabricated structure with a full range of accessories that permit you to customize your hazardous material containment system to meet your site-specific, convenience and application needs. For more information, contact your Safety Storage representative or Customer Service.

Standard Accessories include:

Door Accessories

Self closing doors, hold-open door device; fusible links or magnetic door hold-open; panic bar; pressure rated doors; wind rated doors

Explosion Relief Vents

For Walls or Roof


Galvanized steel grating; fiberglass grating; steel sheet floor with non-slip paint; conveyor floor with galvanized steel rollers; sump liner

Partition Walls

Non-combustible separation wall; 2-hour fire-rated separation wall; 4-hour fire-rated separation wall; expanded metal-top separation wall

Crane Lifting Eyes

Heavy-duty steel crane lifting eyes


Stainless steel adjustable shelving; free-standing epoxy-coated shelving

Temperature Control

Explosion-proof air conditioner; explosion-proof convection heater; explosion-proof fan-forced heater; refrigeration units; dual thermostat controls


R 11 insulation for ceiling and walls; R 22 insulation for ceiling and walls; R 11 subfloor insulation; door insulation

Fume Removal

Explosion-proof mechanical ventilator; non-explosion proof mechanical ventilator; explosion-proof mechanical ventilator with break glass fan switch; heat sensor for fan shutdown, low volume BIB Fans

Spill Detection

Liquid level detector; strobe light and audible alarm


Interior explosion-proof and non-explosion proof lights; exterior explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof lights; fluorescent lights


Explosion-proof receptacle; non-explosion-proof receptacle; load center

Fire Protection

Dry chemical fire suppression system; fire extinguishers; water sprinklers

Solar Power

Off-Grid 12 Volt DC System; Off-Grid 120 Volt AC System. For more information regarding Safety Storage’s Solar Power Packages please contact Safety Storage at 800-344-6539.

Loading Ramps

Aluminum; steel

Safety Shower and Eyewash

Permanently installed interior eyewash; Portable eyewash; Interior installed safety shower stand; safety shower and eyewash combination unit

Special Colors and Coatings

Color options; Maxshell engineering* siloxane coating; Ultrashell polyelastomeric coating

Emergency Local Alarm

Non-hazardous location emergency local alarm; hazardous location emergency local alarm

Special Engineering* and Certification

PE stamped drawings; PE stamped drawing with structural calculations, state seals

DOCS™ Accessories

Steel Ramp
DOCS Filter
DOCS Grating