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Government/Military Buildings

Compact, ready-to-ship relocatable SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material storage buildings provide the greatest speed of delivery, field flexibility, economy and multi-purpose usage for military or government field operations, base installations and intermediate use structures. These buildings feature a fast setup that is well suited to easily accommodate frequent site changes for the collection and storage of hazardous materials and the secure containment of valuable hazardous and non-hazardous assets.

Ready-to-use SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material storage structures are frequently used as petroleum and oil storage facilities, equipment lockers, chemical storage facilities, equipment repair facilities, waste storage centers, test facilities, cleaning stations and for other purposes.

SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material containment units provide secure storage for chemicals, oil, lubricants and gas; flammable paints; battery storage; hazardous household waste; controlled substances; medical equipment; general use equipment and other assets stored in drums, pails, boxes, totes and small containers.

Relocatable, transport-friendly SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material storage buildings are used by the Army, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Homeland Security, Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Justice, Municipal & Government Agencies to provide safe

SAFETY STORAGE® offers a wide range of hazardous material storage buildings and specialty equipment for use in military maintenance operations. These include Spill Containment sumps, pallets and pads; BattShop™ Battery Storage System and DOCS™ Drive On/Off Containment System. SAFETY STORAGE® also offers field refueling and equipment washing buildings and accessories. hazardous material containment and storage of assets wherever and whenever safe storage is needed.