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SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material containment buildings are used in government, industrial, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical life sciences, healthcare, chemical laboratories, research laboratories, R&D and product development laboratories, test laboratories, processing plants and manufacturing facilities.

Sturdy, secure SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material storage buildings can be designed as free-standing permanent or relocatable outdoor structures or as fully contained modules located inside your processing or manufacturing area or laboratory. Pre-fabricated, custom engineered* SAFETY STORAGE® systems are constructed to meet OSHA, EPA, Fire Code and local zoning requirements and are built to accommodate your specific hazardous material storage needs, processing workflow, worker access requirements and safety concerns.

SAFETY STORAGE® hazardous material storage buildings offer safe storage and dispensing of bulk active ingredients, biomaterials (including raw material feedstock, chemicals, waste materials and equipment), solvents, chemicals, packaging gases (hydrogen H2, oxygen O2, and carbon dioxide CO2), processing gasses, cleanroom chemicals and process waste sludge.

Custom engineered* prefabricated SAFETY STORAGE® buildings offer faster turnaround, lower-costs and greater flexibility than traditional brick and mortar construction, and SAFETY STORAGE® buildings can be placed wherever they are needed to provide convenient, close-to-production supply chain efficiencies.

Special storage units can be designed to accommodate out-of-date, unused or contaminated pharmaceuticals or to provide product-specific temperature-consistent refrigeration or heating. Comfortable storage, access and work space area configurations can also be developed.

Innovative, cost and space-saving, multiple-needs buildings with a secure, dedicated waste-flow exit path can be designed for storage of non-compatible chemicals and/or chemical supplies and waste materials.