BattShop – Battery Maintenance

– BattShop™ Battery Maintenance – Safety Storage

The SAFETY STORAGE® BattShop™ battery maintenance facility handles a full range of battery storage and recovery operations. The re-locatable prefabricated building can go virtually anywhere at anytime. This field-tested, self-contained unit provides a full range of battery functions for military or remote utility applications that require lead-acid battery charging, battery maintenance and hazardous material recovery. This durable battery charging and battery storage facility includes everything needed for a comprehensive battery management program, including state-of-the-art digital battery analyzers.

The SAFETY STORAGE® BattShop™ Features:

  • Self-contained, ISO bed-deployable construction that is relocatable by conventional means
  • Meets military requirements for initial battery fill-and-charge operations
  • Exclusive HLEL exhaust ventilation system with interlock
  • Interior lighting
  • Chemical resistant coating
  • Corrosive-resistant secondary containment
  • Black-out-condition compliant
  • Designed to run off standard 220V electrical hookup or with an optional multi-fuel-capable generator
  • Dimensions: 10’W x 8’D x 8.5’H