The Risk/Safety Game - Player or Spectator? Prevention and Containment - Gambling with Compliance a Risky Business. Are you a Gambler?


Spills and Fires Kill Companies... Then your Game is Over.


Safety Storage - The Evaluation, Engineering*, and Compliance Team to Protect Your People and Future


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Safety Storage - The Industry Leader - provides the evaluation, engineering*, and compliance team to build and install a HazMat building that will protect facilities and employees... along with your future.

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Safety is a serious business. The risk from not taking a disciplined approach to developing a plan for hazardous material storage can be devastating. The Safety Storage approach begins with a consultation to learn about your site – and all of the other factors that go into risk mitigation – not just containment but prevention. Online or onsite – it begins with a consult session with experts.

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Lynn Dufek – Talks Quality

Companies promote “quality” as their priority.  “After 35 years in this business as the pioneer and an industry leader, we know that “quality” goes beyond the product that is shipped to the customer,” according to Lynn Dufek, CEO of Safety Storage Inc.  “We are taking it to a new level,” Dufek added. “Quality really begins with the service and support from our North American sales team in the field.” He added the reason customers return to us is because we make it easy for you the customer, as we work to solve your storage needs that will meet code, and be compliant.  “We sell more than just buildings; we provide engineered* solutions that we support before, during and after the sale,” Dufek said.

Jim Knutson, Technical & Quality Director

Our Message To You
Quality is a part of everyone’s business at Safety Storage.   The process begins with your first visit on our website, to a technical discussion with one of our professional sales reps, to the specification and design stages of your storage building, to the delivery of your new containment building, all the way through the final commissioning of a Safety Storage building on your site. We have one objective in mind, and that is to deliver a competitively priced, quality product every time, matched with a great customer experience and your ultimate satisfaction.

Lynn Dufek, CEO