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Safety Storage - The Industry Leader - provides the evaluation engineering and compliance team to build and install a HazMat building that will protect facilities and employees... along with your future. 


Expert Consult

Safety is a serious business. The risk from not taking a disciplined approach to developing a plan for hazardous material storage can be devastating. The Safety Storage approach begins with a consultation to learn about your site – and all of the other factors that go into risk mitigation – not just containment but prevention. Online or onsite – it begins with a consult session with experts.

Sprinkler Convincer Building Launches

Watching two furnished rooms burst into flames and then to see how a sprinkler system can make a difference is powerful. Safety education –schools, sporting and community events. Grant programs available – low cost per demo. For the complete story and video click below. Request an expert consult discussion to evaluate the unit for your community. The Sprinkler Convincer can save lives.

Quote Request

You know what you need. We will supply you an estimate for budgeting. Recently we have seen an alarming trend from some competitors – providing pricing based on non-compliant materials or ignoring regulations. The result - some real horror stories. Know what the “real” cost of a building – and all that goes with it will be. Request a complete quotation from Safety Storage Inc. 

Webinars to Focus on High Risk Areas

Safety Storage has announced two webinars that will be coming up in Spring 2014. The topics will be “Containment vs. Prevention…or both” and Lithium Battery Storage…risky business. Full registration materials will be sent out in the coming months, but anyone interested in these one hour webinars should complete the form here on this page to get signed up.

Industry experts as well as Safety Storage engineers and compliance consultants will be presenting these two important topics. Participants will be able to submit questions after presentation.  “We will explore the important components of a complete safety plan that includes containment and prevention in the first session. And then in the lithium webinar we will explore an area that has become quite the challenge for those who use and store it,” Bob McElwee, director of Sales & Marketing for Safety Storage said.

This lithium-ion battery powered the auxiliary power unit on the Japan Airlines Boeing 787 that experienced a fire. This incident, and storage related hazards, will be covered in the upcoming Safety Storage webinar – Lithium Storage – risky business. Sign up to receive additional information about the November event. (National Transportation Safety Board photo)  Photo at Right --->

Webinar Information

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